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JazzlesJive Fusion Modern Jive evenings start with a Beginner class, then an Intermediate class (during which time Beginners have a revision class) followed by Freestyle for all.  The cost for the whole evening is just £7.

A lively blend of Salsa, Swing. Blues and Latin is what makes Modern Jive unique, and the best thing is the freedom it gives you to dance in your own chosen style.
Modern Jive has no complicated footwork which means it's easy to learn,even if you're a dance floor novice.

Although a partner dance, there's no need to worry about coming along on your own - there will be plenty of people to dance with.

From the classic tunes of Frank Sinatra to present day chart hits, Jazzles plays a wide range of music to cater to all ages and tastes. 

Dress code

Jazzles' dress code is relaxed - go for comfort with something that's cool and easy to move in. Specialist dance shoes aren't necessary but comfortable footwear with a smooth sole (ie. no trainers or grip) so you can turn easily would be preferable

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